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Pict Clanns of Albann


The clan Kennedy was descended from a branch of the Pict Lords of Galloway.  They were derived from Gilbert, father of Duncan, 1st Earl of Carrick, whose son, Neil, 2nd Earl, settled the chiefship in favour of his nephew, Roland de Carrick, who married one of the Earl's daughters, and died before 1275.  Roland's nickname was Ceannaideach (Gaelic for ugly-headed), and which became the name of the clan.

From his grandson, Gilbert de Carrick, the chiefship, was settled in favour of his heiress-wife, Mary de Carrick.  passed in right of his wife to John Kennedy of Dunure, Captain of the Clan Muintircasduff.  His son, Sir Gilbert Kennedy of Dunure, was the father of James of Dunure, who married Princess Mary, daughter of Robert III.  Their son, Gilbert, was one of the six Regents of Scotland during the minority of James III.  He was made Lord Kennedy in 1457, and was assassinated by Sir Hew Campbell of Loudon in 1527.

Gilbert's brother, James, had a distinguished career also, he served briefly as Lord High Chancellor of Scotland.  He subsequently became Archbishop of St. Andrews, where he founded St. Salvator's College in 1455, which eventually became St. Andrews University.

Gilbert's son, David, 3rd Lord Kennedy, was created Earl of Cassillis in 1509.  He fell at Flodden.  John Kennedy, the 4th Earl, was celebrated for 'roasting the Abbott of Crossraguel'.  John's son, John, 5th Earl, had no children, and was succeeded by his nephew, the 6th Earl.  Archibald, 11th Earl. was a distinguished Naval Officer during the American War of Independence, and owned part of New York City.  His son, Archibald, was created Marquis of Ailsa in 1806.

Archbald, 4th Marquis, was a distinguished authority in Celtic matters, and President of the Royal Celtic Society.  His younger brother, the present chief, is 6th Marquis, whose seats are at Culzean Castle, and Cassillis, in Ayrshire.